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Cooking with Canola Oil

Story Posted: 2014-11-20
Watch Step-by-Step Videos on Desserts for the Holidays from The Culinary Institute of America
Holiday Videos

Story Posted: 2014-10-10
Simple Swaps for Latin Cooking
Nutrition expert Manuel Villacorta replaces unhealthy fats such as lard and butter with heart-healthy canola oil. The result? Delicious, flavorful and better-for-you Latin dishes.

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
An Introduction to Cooking with Canola Oil
Fat plays several important roles in cooking. It acts as a heat transfer medium in frying, creates crisp textures and intense flavours when browning, moistens and tenderizes food, aids in leavening, creates emulsions and gives the mouth–feel we all enjoy.

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
Baking: Info & Tips
Canola oil is light, clear and has a mild flavor that does not interfere with the taste of baked goods. It blends easily with other ingredients to produce a moist product with soft texture. In addition, by replacing other solid fats with canola oil, recipes are not only lower in trans and saturated fat, but in their total fat content as well. These are great reasons for cooking and baking with canola oil!

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
Deep-Frying: Info & Tips
Today, we know about the cholesterol in animal fats and are using more healthful vegetable oils, with high smoke points like canola, to fry our foods. Most people consider deep frying a high fat cooking method and while it does yield tasty results, it is usually considered as occasional cooking methods, for special meals.

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
Fondue: Info & Tips
The success of fondue starts with the proper ingredients and equipment. Canola oil's mild flavour and high smoke point make it an ideal oil for fondue. Fondue is French for "melted". Traditional Burgundian fondue or fondue bourguignonne, refers to cooking vegetables and/or raw meats in a pot of simmering oil and serving them with a variety of delicious sauces.

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
Grilling: Info & Tips
With very little preparation, you can create some flavorful barbeque dishes using marinades. Marinades usually combine oil, acids, herbs, spices, and often a sweetener. Acids such as vinegar, wine or citrus juices act as tenderizers while oils help foods retain moisture. Canola oil with its light taste allows marinade-seasoning flavors such as garlic, mustard, herbs, and other spices to dominate.

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
Salads: Info & Tips
With any great salad there is a great vinaigrette! A basic vinaigrette blends an acid, usually vinegar, lemon juice, etc., with oil, salt, pepper and other seasonings. Canola oil, which is light in colour, texture, and taste is ideal for vinaigrettes. It allows for a smooth mouth feel without heaviness. The vinaigrette remains clear and free running when refrigerated.

Story Posted: 2009-09-09
Saute & Stir Fry: Info & Tips
Canola oil's light texture is the perfect choice for sautéing or stir frying. Associated with the wondrous flavors of the Far East, stir-frying is simple, but requires a basic understanding of timing, sequence and the amount of heat required. Stir-frying means to quickly sear small pieces of food in a large pan or wok over high heat.


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