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What is Canola Oil?
Introduction to Canola Oil
Where Does Canola Oil Come From
The History of Canola Oil
Canola Oil FAQs
 Did You Know
 Canola oil is a good fat Your body needs fat - to keep you warm, provide energy and help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids. The National Academy of Science Dietary Reference Intakes, developed by Canadian and American nutrition experts, recommends that fat provide between 20% and 35% of total energy intake. But some fats are healthier for you than others. Canola oil provides more of the good fats than any other popular vegetable oil.


Canola Oil FAQs

We have gathered up a number of common (and some very odd) questions people ask about Canola and Canola Oil. The answers presented here are well-sourced, from professionals in the fields of nutrition, biology, food science, and more. There are quite a few FAQs so they are organized into categories. Click on a category title to read all the questions/answers in that category.

Truths and Myths about Canola Oil

What is canola oil?, Have human studies been conducted on the consumption of canola oil?, Is canola oil safe for animals and humans?, Was canola developed using genetic engineering?, Are canola oil and rapeseed oil poisonous to living things?, Is it true that Europe has banned canola oil since 1991? And many more questions/answers...

Nutrition and Health Questions about Canola Oil

What is the nutritional break down of Canola oil?, What vitamins can be found in canola oil?, What are the other nutritional benefits of canola?, What is the difference between Alpha-Linolenic Fatty Acids and Linoleic Fatty Acids?, Do you know if there are any kind of allergies in relation with canola oil?, And many more questions/answers...

Food Preparation, Cooking and Canola Oil

What are the benefits of using canola oil in a salad dressing?, How do I make a low fat vinaigrette using Canola Oil?, What are the benefits of using canola oil in marinades?, What are the benefits of using Canola Oil for baking?, Can you substitute canola oil in other pastry recipes?, And many more questions/answers...

Agriculture, Growing and Processing Canola

What is Canola?, What does Canola look like?, How is Canola produced?, What challenges does Canola present to the farmer?, Where does Canola go when it leaves the farm?, How is Canola Oil Extracted?, What is cold pressed oil?, Is canola hot pressed or cold pressed?, And many more questions/answers...

Biotechnology and Canola Oil

What is Biotechnology?, What is Genetic Engineering?, What are the benefits of biotechnology?, What are some examples of genetically modified products?, How can I be sure genetically engineered products are safe?, And many more questions/answers...


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